2016 — Was it all bad?

Some of it was, no doubt about it

It felt like we lost more musicians and actors that I am interested in than usual — towards the end of the year it seemed like every news bulletin had someone else departing. According to Gizmodo this wasn’t just my imagination:

Other parts depend on your point of view

We also had some upheaval politically both in the UK and the US with Brexit and Trump respectively. For some people this was bad and for others it was good. Probably best not to get into it again here, but as the saying goes, ‘This too shall pass’ which will please some people and disappoint some others.

The England Rugby Union team recorded a perfect year in 2016, winning 13 games out of 13 under Eddie Jones:

which I thought was awesome, but no doubt fans of Australia (who were on the wrong end of four of those victories) have a different view. I’ve no doubt that this too shall pass, as one thing we all know is that England can be world class at a maximum of one sport at any one time, although it’s often zero!

It was pretty good in Salesforce world

In February we had the first Salesforce community conference in EMEA, London’s Calling, and it was wildly successful:

May always has a few Salesforce events in London — the Salesforce World Tour hits eXcel, a Partner Forum takes place the day before as loads of execs are over, we had an additional developer meetup with Skip Sauls, and this year we had the unexpected and unwanted bonus of the NA14 outage (never forget).

July saw the first MVP event outside of San Francisco, in Chicago, which gave us all a chance to do a bunch of stuff under NDA. It wasn’t all fun and games you understand, those were just the only pictures that we were allowed to share. I don’t make the rules, I just live by them.

In October we all gathered together for the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco that is Dreamforce. Things were a little compressed due to the works taking place at the Moscone Center, which I’d lay money led to a smaller keynote crowd than Marc Benioff ever thought he’d be speaking to again.

While these were just the stand out highlights, many other great events took place all through the year:

  • London Salesforce Developer and Admin groups continued to meet on a monthly basis and grow the community.
  • London Salesforce Women in Tech went from strength to strength

In summary

So of course 2016 wasn’t all bad. It wasn’t all good either, because that’s how things generally are.

What did happen is that loads of amazing people gave talks, wrote blog posts, answered questions and otherwise gave up their time and knowledge to contribute to the Salesforce community. Whatever else happens this is something great that we can rely on only getting better.

Happy New Year!

CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.

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