5 Weeks Remote (and at least 2 to go)

In the fifth week of remote working (w/e April 17th) we got the news that the lockdown was being extended — tales of the much as we had expected, given the infection and death rates. The data will be looked at again in three weeks, but this doesn’t mean anything will change, it’s just that the legislation says it has to be reviewed by the Health Secretary at least once every 21 days.

Meetings are Reducing

As the weeks go by, I find that many people are coming to terms with this new way of working and need less in the way of video meetings to see other faces. Not all, but enough that I notice the reduction. The attendance at social type meetings is dropping off slightly too.

For the IP team at BrightGen, working remotely from each other is business as usual — we’ve always been distributed across multiple offices and more recently multiple countries, and I’ve always encouraged people to work from home whenever they feel it will be of benefit.

Working from Anywhere

Personally I’ve always had to work from anywhere — I do quite a bit of travelling to customer and Salesforce events, but even without that there aren’t enough hours in the day, so I can’t afford to let things slide just because I’m on a train, waiting to board a flight or in the air. If I have connectivity then because I’m lucky enough to work for a company where everything we do is in the cloud, I can be just as effective as if I were in the office or at home. If not, I can still be productive due to my heavy use of the Salesforce CLI — there is always a plug-in that needs work or a wrapping script where users have requested new features. If I know I’m going to be taking a long flight, I usually organise my work so that I can use the time to work locally and uninterrupted on the command line. Of course I’m not going anywhere now, unless you count different rooms in the house, so it’s not so much of a problem right now.

Will Dreamforce Happen?

It’s still a number of months away, but these kind of events take a huge amount of planning. While it seems likely that the various lockdowns will be eased if not completely over by November, we don’t know if there will be another wave of infections when we all emerge from our isolation with our shaggy hair, blinking nervously at each other as we summon up the courage to mingle. My prediction is that Dreamforce will be a very different event this year, with a lot more virtual aspects to it even if in-person attendance is on offer.

Videoconferencing Consolidation

It started this week with Verizon buying BlueJeans:

and I’d expect more. It can’t be long before Salesforce feel they need this capability on the platform. Scheduling via Activities, automatically capturing who attended and what Tasks were assigned feels like a great fit for a CRM system, and that’s before you add Einstein into the mix to both increase insight and raise privacy concerns!

This too shall pass

I’m saying this a lot these days, and it’s still true. While we are looking at more weeks, we’ve already done five. As Avon Barksdale said in The Wire:

You only do two days no how.

That’s the day you go in, and the day you come out.

we just don’t know when the day we come up will be!

I’m better known in the Salesforce community as Bob Buzzard — Umpteen Certifications, including Technical Architect, multi-time MVP, and CTO of BrightGen, a Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner in the United Kingdom. You can find my (usually) more technical thoughts at the Bob Buzzard Blog

CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.

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