My Top 20 Dreamforce People I Hope will Share This Post

Dreamforce 16 is just a couple of weeks away, so to drum up some activity around my social media presence, here’s a list of people that are likely to involved in some way, in the hope that it will appeal to their vanity and they will share with their followers.

The Salesforce Team

It’s important to start out these posts with some gravitas, and what better candidates than those from Salesforce itself. Most of them won’t see this post, but as long as one or two do and get behind it, the effort is worth it. It also suggests that I have some kind of in with them, which will encourage others to share in the hope of leveraging that.

#1 Marc Benioff, CEO. Let’s be honest, the chances of Marc seeing this post are negligible, but imagine if he read and tweeted about it — my reputation would be made. Notice how I used Marc’s first name to indicate familiarity, like we’re friends or something.

#2 Parker Harris, Co-founder. Also very unlikely, as by now Parker is no doubt spending much of his time being fitted out for his keynote costume. Still, he’s got a good sense of humour so if he does see it there’s a chance.

#3 Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research. I’ll mention that he was the keynote speaker at London’s Calling so that it seems like we have a history.

#4 Adam Seligman, EVP and GM, App Cloud. One of my big hopes on the Salesforce side, as I’ve known Adam for a while now and he usually shares my stuff. That said he’s an EVP now, so he might not be so indulgent of my posts that are intended to be funny and snarky. We will see.

#5 Erica Kuhl, Vice President, Community. As I’m one of Erica’s MVPs I’m hoping she’ll share this without even reading it. If you are reading this Erica, its probably best to accept you are wasting your time and move on. Don’t forget to share it though.

#6 Will Coleman, Director of Developer Relations, EMEA. I’m expecting to still have enough in the bank with Will from my various community endeavours (e.g. ) to get some traction.

#7 Dave Carroll, Senior Director, Developer Evangelism. I’m sure Dave will be all over this. I like to think I provide a refreshing break from the normal cheerleading with these posts.

#8 Peter Chittum, Director, Developer Evangelism EMEA. As a lover of all things British, I’m sure Peter will appreciate my sense of humour.

#9 John Stevenson, Senior Developer Evangelist. John is my session owner for Dreamforce, so if I put a link in to , he’s pretty much duty bound to share it.

#10 Holly (Goldin) Firestone, Senior Manager Community Programs. Holly looks after the MVPs so she’ll probably feel she should help out. If I make sure the word Texas is in here that might help.

#11 Jeff Douglas, Principal Trailhead Developer Advocate. Poacher turned gamekeeper having been one of the first MVPs, Jeff will no doubt be on duty at Dreamforce so will probably share this to help with the coverage.

#12 Chris Duarte, Editor-in-chief, Trailhead. Dreamforce will be all about Trailhead this year, so Chris is no doubt extremely busy. Hopefully busy enough to just retweet/like without digging into the detail.

The MVPs

This is where I have the highest expectations. As an I can expect the support of my peers, who have got used to my shameless self-promotion over the last 5 years. The tricky aspect to this is that there are over a hundred MVPs and I don’t have the energy for all of them. So with just a quick reminder that this post is not ranking or measuring anything at all, and I limited the number to 20 as that seemed an easy number to get to (but to be honest it hasn’t been — this very quickly turned from a bit of fun into a chore, as you can see from the decreasing size of descriptions as I started to lose interest):

#13 Jodi Wagner, who knows that not sharing this immediately means she’ll have to hear about it for a long, long time.

#14 Simon Goodyear, like Dave Carroll, will be all over this. He’s also a big rugby union fan, which is the best sport in the world.

#15 Anup Jadhav, my co-organiser of the London Salesforce Developers

#16 Matt Morris, founder of the London Salesforce Admins.

#17 Chris Lewis, my first MVP mentee.

#18 Simon Lawrence, he didn’t go last year and to be honest I don’t know if he’s going this year. I hope so, as he’s a good laugh to go out for some beers with.

#19 Carolina Ruiz, another of my mentees and, along with Angela Mahoney, joint first female developer MVP.

#20 Phil Walton, who does a lot of “25 people you should meet at …” infographics, which I have a new-found respect for!

Get Sharing

Remember, the purpose of this post was to name check a number of people and hopefully ride off the back of their social media reach, so if you see your name above that’s your cue to start posting. Here’s some example text if you are struggling to find the words to express your feelings:

Thanks @bob_buzzard for presuming on our shallow acquaintance and including me on your Dreamforce list

@bob_buzzard added me to his Dreamforce list, which is something I didn’t ask for and am not proud of.

Something something Dreamforce, something something @bob_buzzard, #Trailhead

If you don’t see your name up there, feel free to complain in a similar way — there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Again, a couple of suggestions to get you started.

@bob_buzzard has no idea how to rank influencers, and here’s the proof.

I didn’t make the @bob_buzzard Dreamforce list as he is too lazy to read more than 20 names from his twitter feed.

This is a joke list

I didn’t write this as a reaction to any individual or company post of a similar nature, so if you are reading this and think I’m having a pop at you, that says more about the spirit in which you wrote your post than the spirit in which I wrote mine — if the cap fits and all that!

I’m better known in the Salesforce community as Bob Buzzard — Umpteen Certifications, including Technical Architect, 5 x MVP and CTO of BrightGen, a Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner in the United Kingdom.

You can find my (usually) more technical thoughts at the

CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.

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