Salesforce World Tour London — The Big Week Out

The Salesforce World Tour London took place on 19th May 2016, in London of all places. Typically World Tour week is a big week involving multiple events, at the end of a number of long weeks to get everything ready for the show.

The clock is ticking

At BrightGen, we had a couple of items that were going to be premiered at the World Tour.

  1. A proof of concept booking page for our BrightMedia business accelerator using Lightning Components and the Lightning Experience. This topic deserves a post all to itself, if not more than one. Our existing booking page is based on Visualforce, which means that there is an overarching page and controller managing all user interactions. Re-engineering this as independent components that can be easily swapped in and out presents more than a few challenges. For example, how do you know that validation is complete when you don’t know how many components need validating, as they are independent from the component doing the validating. Lets just say that the first couple of weeks were pretty much creating the scaffolding — getting ready to build the functional components if you will. Its great fun, but with a hard deadline pragmatism has to rear it’s ugly head from time to time.

Developing Wave Apps with Skip Sauls

In the run up to a World Tour event there are usually some Product Manager types from Salesforce over with time on their hands, who are kind enough to give us some of their time for a meetup. This year it was the turn of Skip Sauls, who many people will know from the Lightning Components side of things, who gave up his Tuesday evening to tell us what is coming to Wave development in the next couple of releases. I’m not going to go into any detail here, as we now record all our meetups for our Youtube channel, so if you subscribe to that and enable notifications you’ll get an email as soon as the video is available. Or you can keep an eye on my twitter feed.

Salesforce Partner Forum

This is now an established event the day before the World Tour — originally called S-P-A-R-K and with us all fitting into a relatively small room (I have the T-shirt from my first one, which must have been six or seven years ago) it’s now grown into a 500 attendee event with an Executive Track demarcated by the sought after Salesforce white lanyard.

CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.

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