So your Dreamforce talk got rejected

The results of the admin jury are in — those that were accepted are on top of the world, while those that didn’t make the cut are gutted.

It’s not the end of the road

Though it might be the end of the dream of attending Dreamforce, as the only way some companies will send their staff is if they are presenting. This sucks, but all hope is not lost — keep an eye out for the free ticket competitions — I won one of these a couple of years ago (and got a third free ticket, in addition to my MVP and speaker tickets!)

Talk slots are always massively oversubscribed

Everyone wants to talk at Dreamforce — it’s the top event for anyone working in the Salesforce ecosystem and a testament to your leet speaking skillz if you get there. The Developer Relations team even put example abstracts and suggested topics in their call for papers to make sure as many people as possible applied!

It’s not the end of the idea

Just because your talk idea wasn’t accepted doesn’t mean it ceases to have a purpose. Developer, admin and user groups are always looking out for speakers, so you can still present it to an admiring audience. Salesforce World Tour events start straight after Dreamforce and there are admin and developer speaking slots in those as well. It might make a fine article for a newsletter or blog. You came up with a great idea that you wanted to share with the Salesforce community, so make sure you get it out there.

It is fair

A lot of attention is paid to making the evaluation process as transparent and fair as possible. As detailed in both the posts linked above, the first round is blind and purely based on the title and abstract. Only after that do the judges find out more about the speaker to narrow things down in round two.

  • Prioritising new speakers to ensure that everyone gets a go

Dreamforce is a paid event

Attendees pay anything up to $1,999 (although to be fair, anyone who doesn’t take advantage of the myriad discounts available should be attending a conference on not spending money they don’t have to!).

It’s not an easy ride

As anyone who has presented at Dreamforce before knows, its not a walk in the park. There are milestones that you have to hit in terms of session planning, dry runs etc.

It’s a great experience

As long as you are properly prepared, you’ll crush it. You already know its a great idea and your speaker chops have the Salesforce seal of approval.

If you had a great idea but didn’t submit it

because you were intimidated at the thought of speaking in front of a large audience, there’s still time to sign up for the course that we are running in London over the next few weeks. Its only an hour or so after work once a week, so well worth the effort.

Developer sessions are up next

We find out on Monday, so wish me luck with my submissions. I’m sure the competition will be intense.

CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.

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