Sovereign Citizen Developer

Keir Bowden
2 min readApr 1, 2022

Like most Salesforce developers, I’ve long suffered under the misrule of so called governor limits — an artificial restriction imposed by our Californian overlords and passively accepted by the community. No more.

If you feel the same way, welcome to the Sovereign Citizen Developer movement. Simply put, we do not consent to our transactions being subject to governor limits.

We ensure that the limits do not apply to our code by adding the following comment to our Apex classes:

* As a Sovereign Citizen Developer:
* I do not recognise the jurisdiction of governor limits.
* I have no contracts with the Apex runtime, it has no say over me.
* I write free code, travelling upon the CPU.

(We realise that this is a cumbersome mechanism, and are petitioning the Apex product managers to introduce with limits and without limits keywords. Not that we recognise the jurisdiction of the Apex product managers of course).

When the Apex runtime encounters this comment, it has no alternative but to disable governor limits. Any other course of action would be a breach of Article 7 of the 1948 Charter of Human Rights, as it would discriminate against developers who need more SOQL queries.

Join us and set your code free!



Keir Bowden

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